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What is the BANT method, and what makes it unique?

The initials B-A-N-T stand for Building Antibodies and Neutralizing Toxins. It is a modality of holistic health care that focuses on helping the body recognize unhealthy substances, such as toxins, chemicals, and microorganisms in its tissues, with the hope that antibodies will be made and these substances eliminated from the body.  To receive certification, BANT practitioners  are required to attend at least 40 hours of in-person advanced workshop time, demonstrate a working knowledge of the techniques and philosophies taught, and pass a written final test.

The BANT practitioner employees a variety of techniques in their business, most of which work on the same premise as homeopathy. That premise is: “like is cured by like", which essentially means: Any substance (toxin, etc) capable of causing an imbalance, or set of symptoms in a person, can also be used to bring balance back to that person.

*Autotherapy is one example of a health care modality BANT Practitioners use that applies the like is cured by like principle. Dr. Charles H. Duncan, M.D. discovered Autotherapy at the turn of the 19th century when he noticed that dogs who licked their wounds had an amazing ability to heal, but dogs who suffered wounds they couldn't lick, such as on the top of their head or back of their neck, often died from the wound. Intrigued by this, wondering if it would work the same for his patients who had sores or wounds that wouldn’t heal, Dr. Duncan decided do an experiment.  He extracted a small amount of pus from the wounds of his patients, then put it either in their mouth, in a solution for them to drink, or injected it back into their body.  He had positive results within days, and all of the wounds completely healed a short time later.

In addition to addressing infections, Autotherapy may be used to stimulate the nutritional support of organs, glands, brain tissue, and bone. It has also been used to encourage improvement of inherited weaknesses and malformations, and eliminate abnormal cells.

The Holding Technique

The “Holding Technique” is another technique that addresses the need for antibody production to specific antigens. It is similar to Autotherapy, but does not require the use of body secretions to be effective. With the Holding Technique, the BANT practitioner is required to find a substance that closely matches the magnetic frequency of the toxin, chemical, microbe, or parasite you wish to build antibodies or immunity to. Once they have located the substance, a very small amount (no more than 1-2 drops) is put in a vial, then held ½ - 1 inch above the client’s head for 8-10 seconds.

BANT practitioners feel that when a toxin is held close to the body it stimulates a reaction by the electrical field, which in turn, sends a signal, via the electrical system, to the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system would react to the offending substance, but because it won’t perceive it as a danger (it’s too small of an amount), will signal the immune system to begin antibody production.

If, on the other hand, the electrical field were to react to the same substance in an amount it perceives as dangerous, a much different response takes place. This is when the electrical system sends a signal to the corpus callosum in the brain instead of the lymphatic system, which then signals the adrenal glands to prepare to flee the offending substance. In this case, no antibodies are made.

Electro-Magnetic Conduction (EMC)

Neutralizing harmful substances in the body. The Electro-Magnetic Conduction method (EMC) is another tool BANT practitioners use that employs the premise "like is cured by like."  The theory behind this modality of health care is that, rather than stimulating antibody production, the irritating or threatening substance is magnetically drawn out of the body by using "like" magnetic energy.  For example, if a parasite is irritating a client, the therapist will try to find a sample vial that matches this parasite’s magnetic energy, and draw this energy out of the client’s body using a tool called the electro-magnetic conductor.  The parasite will die and will no longer be irritating or threatening. If the irritant is a chemical, the EMC process is the same, but in this case the magnetic energy of the chemical becomes neutral and is no longer a threat. Once a toxin, chemical, or parasite is "neutralized" the immune system can draw it out of the tissues and send it through ordinary channels of elimination.

How is the Electro-Magnetic Conduction method performed? It is important that both the BANT practitioner and the client be electrically grounded for this method to be effective. This enables an electrical charge, or impulse, to be drawn from the body. It is also necessary to use a conductor of electricity to draw the electrical charge of what is being neutralized. Only negative oscillating and regular oscillating energy can be drawn from the body.  This kind of energy is found in substances (parasites, chemicals, toxins, poisons, unclean foods) undesirable to your body. It is not possible to draw out anything that is positively charged.

What is an electro-magnetic conductor?

The electro-magnetic conductor is often nothing more than a wire.  However, anything that is a good conductor of electricity can be used for this purpose.  The electro-magnetic conductor is used to draw, via magnetic attraction, harmful magnetic energy from the body.  The conductor can be used to support the body in antidoting the harmful effects of poisons, chemicals, bacteria and the like. Copper wire is the conductor of choice, because of its reputation as a good conductor of electricity. The telephone is also a good conductor, and probably the most effective, because of the electrical current that runs between two people while on the phone. It is this electrical connection that makes the phone dangerous to use during lightning, or electrical storms. The whole process takes only a matter of seconds, because electricity travels at an amazing speed. The human body can also be used as a conductor, because it too is a good conductor of electrical or magnetic energy.

Examples of substances the electro-magnetic conductor might be used on, to support the body in eliminating it, include: any negative-oscillating or regular oscillating electrical energy, including chemicals, dyes, antibiotics, artificial flavorings, artificial sweeteners, bacteria, chemicals found in soda pop, most medicines, nitrates and nitrites found in processed meats, some metals, paint, poisons, unclean animals, like alligator, cat, catfish, dog, pig, rabbit, rat, shellfish, squirrel, snake, swine (pig), etc., vaccine residues, venom, and worms.


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